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Gorez Hypergon Doppel Seriex X No. 000a F: 75mm Lens

Large Format Wide Angel Antistigmatic

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12 Days, 1 Hour
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This lens is excellent for a very wide field of view it coveres a film plate size of 8x10" and requires a lens board hole size of 2 7/16"

This sale is for a Gorez Ultra Wide angel Large Format lens as described above.
This is a rare lens and usually not found in this excellent condition

It is in excellent operating condition with  rotating star. Field of view is 135 degrees

Great lens to photograph Rocket Launches, Engines firing on test stands, launch towers and surrounding facilities, etc.
The owner will consider offers on this lens.

The Hypergon is one of those "legendary" lenses which are relatively much more expensive today than when they were new - almost a century ago. In terms of "real money" - average worker hourly pay, or something, the price is about the same now... The fully equipped 60mm cost 120 Mark in 1910, which was a considerable sum.

They were made in 60mm, 75mm, 90mm, 120mm, 150mm and 200mm focal lengths. Two versions were available: with or without the "star shutter". This was a rotating star-shaped aperture thingy which when used for part of the exposure worked as a center grad - to combat the light falloff towards the corners.

Without the starshutter, the lens gave good results over a 110° field of coverage; with the starshutter in use this was extended to 135°. that mens that the 60mm was designed to cover a 300mm field - or 8x10" film size.

Since the lens is completely symmetrical, there is no geometric distortion. The construction is fairly simple with only two deeply curved elements, so resolution won't be as good as more complex modern lenses. But no modern lens has a 135° coverage, so there isn't really any alternative if that's what you need.

"The Hypergon has for several years held a unique place among wide-angle lenses on account of its incomparable covering power.  It is a symmetrical double anastigmat, consisting of two very thin hemispherical single glasses.  Astigmatism, spherical aberration and curvature of field are completely corrected, and the definition is sharp to the very edges of the plate.  The chromatic aberration is not corrected, but is eliminated after focusing by the use of the smaller diaphragm stop, f/31. The symmetrical design of the Hypergon insures complete freedom for distortion of straight lines.  The diminution of light toward  the margin of the image, unavoidable in a lens cutting such an extraordinary angle, is corrected by an ingenious device in the form a star diaphragm, which is rotated in front of the lens, by means of a bulb and tube attachment, during the exposure. (they are talking about compressing a rubber air bulb and using the air to spin the star)

The Hypergon is a special lens for wide-angle interiors, landscape, architectural and panoramic pictures, and it should not be purchased with the idea that it can be sued as a lens for general photography.  It cannot be fitted to between-the-lens shutters. ( This description from


Here is a lens that was modified for Sony Nex cameras. Aricile in Japanese

Goerz Hypergon 75mm f22/32 modified for Sony NEX

Lens Data

Lens Unit

Lens Photo

レンズ構成 2群2+α枚
撮影距離 約30cm~∞
画角 28mm相当(35mm判換算)
絞り f22/f32(Stolze絞りで48/96)

Lens composition  2groups 2+αlenses
Abailable distance 30cm-infinity 
Angle about 28mm (in 35mm Leica format)
Apperture f22/f32 (Stolze number48/96)

original unit

Lens Impression



Goerz Hypergon lens is one of the ultimate Ultra Wide Angle lens designed in 1900.

I tryed to modify my 75mmf22(Stolze number48) Hypergon lens to fit into Sony NEX and successfully completed. 
The way I modified the lens is confidential.
It can be changed as other Sony interchangable lenses and gives me very unique photo description even its angle is not real ultra wide.
Light coming through the front lens is gathered into APS-C size instead of 8x10, so shutter speed when I shoot is not too slow to give up taking pictures without tripod.

 Photos with Hypergon 75mm on NEX
Turip & late flowering Cherry


Somebody informed that Tulip is already in full bloom near my house and I went to find it was rather a little too late. 
On the other hand, double cherry blossoms were just in the prime time.
I added the taste of Kodachrome using a film simulation free soft to emphasize the color reproduction of this Hypergon lens.. .
Sakura at Shinagawa


Cherry tree line path at Shinagawa Kaijo park. The area is very small but I could take photos with depth because some cherry trees shapes a kind of cherry tunnel. 
I arranged these 1st photos into sepia toned B/W to expose my personal image of hypergon's atomosphere. 
Peripheal area is not dark even without fan operation, but bokeh of the area flows a little .

Sakura at Nakameguro


Cherry tree line at Nkameguro area along Meguro river. Cherry trees there are tall and big enough to feel their power. And I could enjoy cherry blossoms on branch growing downward as a Japanese-style painting which shows such fantastic atmosphere.
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